As a granite stone manufacturer, we know that there is granite stone in great demand as the country is going through great infrastructural development. We are in the field for a very long time and manufacture a great variety of granite stones. We supply multiple varieties of granite stones to the entire northern Indian market and parts of southern India as well. We are the leading marble manufacturers and suppliers in India, As a leading granite stone manufacturer in India our range includes Black Galaxy Granite Stones, Juparana Gold Granite Stones, Kashmir White Granite Stones, Colombo Juparana Granite Stones, Black Pearl Granite Stones, and Sapphire Blue Granite Stones.

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Torronto Brown Marble Slab in India
Black Galaxy Granite Manufacturer in India

Black Galaxy Granite Stone

Black Galaxy Granite Stone imparts a classic look to walls, slabs, floors and every other thing with which it is used on. We are experienced manufacturers and suppliers of high quality Black Galaxy Granite Stone. We produce and supply Black Galaxy Granite Stone in multiple sizes satisfying different needs of consumers. All sizes that we produce and supply are standard and easily fit the requirements of the end users.

Juparana Gold Granite Stone

We are the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Juparana Gold Granite Stone in North India and in some parts of South India also. Juparana Gold Granite Stone comes in golden color over which brown spots are scattered beautifully. This stone imparts an amazing look to kitchen slabs, kitchen walls, and home walls. The royal look that our Juparana Gold Granite Stone imparts to slabs and walls is exclusively outstanding and eye-catching.
Gold Granite Manufacturer in India
Kashmir White Granite Manufacturer in India

Kashmir White Granite Stone

We manufacture and supply one of the most beautiful and lovely granite stones available under the name of Kashmir White Granite Stone. Kashmir White Granite Stone looks great on kitchen walls and slabs. Home walls can also be made attractive by using Kashmir White Granite Stone. This stone is in great demand on a regular basis and customers love to use it in their kitchen and other parts of the house.

Colombo Juparana Granite Stone

Colombo Juparana Granite Stone is one of the heavily used granite stones for interior and exterior purposes. We manufacture Colombo Juparana Granite Stone in multiple sizes so that the end user can use it where he/she wishes to. We manufacture this granite by using high quality raw material and with the help of latest techniques. Use this stone to decorate your entire house, from the kitchen to bathrooms.
Juprana Granite Manufacturer in India
Black Pearl Granite Manufacturer in India

Black Pearl Granite Stone

We are amongst the trusted suppliers of Black Pearl Granite Stone in India. We house a great range, in terms of size and shape, of beautifully crafted Black Pearl Granite Stones. Available in multiple sizes, this amazingly beautiful granite stone can be used for refurbishing any part of your house. Impart great look to your house and office with different shapes and sizes of Black Pearl Granite Stone available with us.

Sapphire Blue Granite Stone

We are the oldest manufacturers and suppliers of Sapphire Blue Granite Stone in India. We supply the largest amounts of this granite stone to different parts of India. This granite stone comes in engaging sapphire blue color, imparting an exclusive look to your home decor. This granite stone works best in kitchen and bedrooms. Our Sapphire Blue Granite Stone imparts a royal look, especially to the kitchen slabs and walls.
Granite Manufacturer in India